Sarah Border, Psy.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist who sees adults. She has worked in a variety of practice settings including an academic medical center, private practices, and assisted living communities. Although trained as a generalist and able to assist with a variety of presenting concerns, she is passionate about working with older adults, particularly those in a caregiving role or those dealing with other transitional events to aging. Her variety of experience has allowed her to value flexibility in the therapeutic relationship. She finds it important to build a comfortable environment in which personalized treatment goals are set and quality of life is improved. 

Sarah completed her Doctorate of Clinical Psychology at Marshall University in West Virginia. Her pre-doctoral internship was done at Charleston Area Medical Center, an academic hospital. She completed her post-doctoral work in North Carolina at Perkins Counseling & Psychological Services, an outpatient practice. 




Sarah Border, Psy.D., HSP-P

Licensed Psychologist